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ComEd to Host Recycling Event in Western Suburbs to Help Customers Save Money and Energy


Residential customers to receive $25 for each room air conditioner, dehumidifier and small fridge they recycle

DOWNERS GROVE, ILL. (June 13, 2019) – To help families and individuals use energy more wisely, the ComEd® Energy Efficiency Program will host an event where residential customers can drop off up to two old, working room air conditioners, dehumidifiers and small fridges (whose interior measures less than 10 cubic feet). ComEd will send customers $25 for each unit.

  • Saturday, June 22
  • 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • The Home Depot, 2000 Butterfield Rd. in Downers Grove, Ill.

Rain or shine, representatives will be on hand to collect the units, which must be in working condition to be eligible. Customers will receive a check for $25 in the mail in approximately four to six weeks. Because participants must be ComEd customers to qualify, they should bring their account number or ComEd bill for faster processing. More information is available at ComEd.com/Recycling.

“Our recycling events provide customers with a quick, easy and environmentally friendly way to dispose of their old appliances,” said Jane Park, senior vice president of customer operations for ComEd. “By removing older appliances from the energy grid and properly recycling them, customers can reduce their energy use, energy bill and carbon footprint. This is one of the many ways ComEd demonstrates its commitment to powering a cleaner and brighter future for our customers and communities.”

The event is part of the ComEd fridge and freezer recycling offering which, since 2008, has saved more than 425,000 appliances from the landfill and saved customers approximately $43.5 million in energy costs. The offering pays ComEd customers $50 to recycle old, working refrigerators and freezers, which can use twice as much energy as newer models and cost customers about $110 a year in energy. To participate, customers can contact ComEd to schedule a pickup, and ComEd will haul away theirold refrigerators and freezers at no cost. Appointments are required and can be scheduled at ComEd.com/Recycling or by calling 855-433-2700.

Why Recycle?

Older, inefficient appliances often contain chemicals and materials that ComEd will carefully remove and recycle in an environmentally friendly way:

  • Oil and Refrigerant These items are simultaneously evacuated from the compressor and cooling circuit of each refrigerator and freezer. The oil can be used for cleaning purposes or in other industrial equipment while the refrigerant and capacitors containing PCB are properly disposed of or recycled by qualified handlers.
  • Foam Insulation Approximately 19 pounds of foam insulation, containing ozone-depleting chemicals, is shredded under negative air pressure, and the harmful chemicals are converted to benign byproducts such as salt water.
  • Glass Approximately seven pounds of tempered glass found in refrigerators can be used as an aerator in potting soil and as aggregate material in types of concrete.
  • Mercury Containing Devices Found in some pre-2000 freezers, switches and thermostats are removed and shipped to a qualified handler for proper disposal.
  • Metals Refrigerators and freezers contain approximately 96 pounds of steel and eight pounds of copper and aluminum. The steel is recycled into products such as construction rebar to reinforce concrete, while the copper is used to make electrical wire and aluminum is used to make beverage cans.
  • Plastics Approximately 43 pounds of plastic in each unit can be recycled into products such as cell phones, computer cases, and other molded components.

The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program, which is funded in compliance with state law, helps residential, business and public sector customers save energy and lower their electric bills. Since its launch in 2008, the program has helped families and businesses save a total of $4 billion on their electricity bills. That’s the equivalent of approximately $1,000 for each of ComEd’s 4 million customers – the amount a residential customer would spend in an entire year on their electricity bill, assuming the current average monthly residential bill of approximately $84. To learn more about ways to save, visit ComEd.com/WaysToSave.

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