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Claudia Roxana Martinez


Making hair into an art

Claudia Roxana Martinez

Age: 37

Title: Founder & Master Hair Artist

Name of Organization: Ponte Catrina, Chicago

Claudia Roxana Martinez is the founder and master hair artist at Ponte Catrina, a boutique hair salon inspired by Mexico’s rich culture and women’s elegant essence.

In 2004 Martinez graduated from Pivot Point International as a cosmetologist and divided her time between Chicago and Milwaukee, refining her craft and technique while developing her signature style. Through focus, consistency, and passion she found purpose in empowering women through beauty.

Martinez is a Chicago native, raised in Brighton Park. In 2010 her at-home salon evolved to what is known today as the house of the makeovers. The house of the makeovers is now the company’s alias, a name that clients themselves gave the growing hub that started in a basement. In 2018 Ponte Catrina established its operation at Lacuna Lofts in Pilsen.

Women stand at the center of Martinez’s mission. Therefore, she partners and supports other women-led organizations such as Escaramuza Charra El Eden and De Mi Tierra Natural.

Martinez has collaborated with hair color brands on stage at the Midwest America’s Beauty Show, where Martinez unveiled her very own signature technique: the chandelier effect. Ponte Catrina has previously hosted industry classes by Javier Romero, creative director of Black Academy, and Erik Gutierrez, colorist/owner of Agencé Salon. To stay on top of the newest industry trends Martinez pursues training and education. When not at the salon, Martinez pursues her own self-care by incorporating a wellness program that includes fitness training, nutrition, and spiritual guidance. Her son Joey keeps her active and on her toes as they look forward to travel and adventure.

Words of wisdom: Surround yourself with positive voices that help you to the top. Stay on top by strengthening your passion, trusting, and taking risks. Her father’s words: El que no arriesga, no gana, (nothing ventured, nothing gained).

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