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 Chicago business owner died of coronavirus


Hispanic News Agency (HINA)

Rogers Park, Chicago.- Saul Moreno, owner and chef of Cuetzala Gro. Restaurant,  died due to complications of coronavirus. He was 58.

 Saul died on April 15 after several weeks in the hospital, struggling with the pandemic.  

 “Our hearts are heavy as we mourn the loss of Saul Moreno. Restaurante Cuetzala Gro is a beloved family-owned restaurant in Rogers Park, and many will miss him dearly”,  said Sandi Price, Executive Director of Rogers Park Business Alliance.

  “We extend our heartfelt thoughts and deepest sympathy to his family, friends and fellow business owners on Clark Street and throughout Rogers Park”, said Price.

   Located at 7360 N. Clark, in Rogers Park, Cuetzala Gro. was opened in 2005. The family closed the restaurant.

    “He served up delicious food for Rogers Park Community and Chicago patrons for over sixteen years. He was a caring, beloved husband, father, grandfather, and an involved member of the community”, said a note placed by the family in social media.

  Saul traveled to the U.S. as a child in search of a better future for his family and worked multiple jobs to save money until he could finally afford to open his restaurant. Saul and his wife eventually opened up Cuetzala on Clark Street and began serving homemade recipes. 

   “His passion belonged in the kitchen where he was proud to serve his community through his craft. Everyone in the community was like family to him, everyone who knew him and would stop in to say hi. Even as he was hard at work in the kitchen, he always made sure to greet his customers”, said the family on the GoFundme page, where the community donated $20,055 for funeral service.