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Cesar Belmontes


Deep Roots

Age: 33

Organization: Molson Coors Beverage Company

Title: Manager, Supply & Service – Import/Export

City: Milwaukee

State: Wisconsin


In every aspect of his life, Cesar Belmontes tries to carry the same deeply rooted ideals that he finds in many Latin American countries, a sense of family and community as well as a desire to help others, drive change, fix inequalities, and advancement opportunities.

As someone who moved to the United States from Mexico when he was very young, he is very proud of and connected to his heritage, customs, and social interactions. With the unconditional support of his friends, family, and teachers, he was the first to graduate from college when he graduated from Marquette University.

Today he serves as the supply and service manager for import and export for the Molson Coors Beverage Company where he provides key distributor interaction during all product life cycle stages from introduction through risk mitigation and coordinates with distributors on order cycles/windows and retail on shelf schedules with a key focus on the Latin American, military and APACA markets.

In addition, he is a national co-lead for the Molson Coors Beverage Company’s Latino employee resource group. The mission of the group is to create a strong, “One Familia” network of Latino employees and allies who connect with others with shared experiences. The aim is to foster development and advocate for and nurture Latino culture.

He is passionate about supply chain and operations management and in his career, he has had the opportunity to lead company-wide transitions through new system implementation, full organization revitalizations, and establishing connections across various business units.

He said HACE has allowed him to gain external perspectives resulting in internal clarity regarding his vision as a leader which has allowed him to be true to his core values of authenticity and purposefulness. The program challenged and allowed him to learn from the diverse views of the professionals in his cohort.

HACE has also opened his eyes to the potential inherent in everyone, and why the group is important. It provides the tools and connections to develop and push the next generation of leaders forward. As a result, he is more engaged and connected to his community and will continue to share his experiences.