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Nicado Publishing launches “500 Hispanic Small Businesses”  campaign

 Nicado Publishing launched a campaign called 500 Hispanic Small Businesses as an initiative to help promote businesses.

  The campaign offers the opportunity to corporations and pro-business organizations to join NPC by sponsoring businesses in the community that currently need this help.

   Based in Chicago, Nicado Publishing is the owner of Negocios Now and El Chicago Hispano and prints more than half a million copies with an estimated 1.5 million print readers. The publications reach hundreds of thousands of readers through its digital platform.

 “Promoting businesses is the best thing we have done since we founded Negocios Now 14 years ago. It has been a great challenge for our team, but with the pandemic, the challenge is even greater,” said Clemente Nicado, Publisher of NPC.

   “Our businesses need today more than ever to have promotion to reach customers or to help them cover losses from the Covid-19 restrictions. Negocios Now wants to be on the front line in that important mission. We are actively seeking sponsors to join us,” said Nicado.

    Launched in 2007, Negocios Now is a multi-award-winning publication that focuses almost exclusively on issues that most concern Latino businesses, while El Chicago Hispano is a general-issue publication.

   “Our team of journalists is excited about this initiative. We continue to buy ethics with our business community and also with the periodical quality that is what has made NPC an award-winning national media company”, he affirmed.

Negocios Now wins two more national awards

   Negocios Now consolidated itself as the most awarded business publication in the country in the last decade by receiving two more national awards in the category of Best Design (Outstanding Design) and second place in Best Business Article, thanks to the article “Don Churro El Moro de Letrán ”, based in Pilsen, in the south of the City.

  El Diario de Nueva York and La Opinion de Los Angeles, two of the oldest and largest newspapers in the country, competed in the design category.

   “We are happy to win another Gold Award for Negocios Now. We believe that our design effort has been key to the success of our publication, ”said Clemente Nicado, Publisher

   However, what satisfies us the most is the recognition for Don Churro, a family business run by María Molina, a 70-year-old businesswoman with a colossal entrepreneurial spirit, who dreams of expanding her small business to other states in the US.

   The award was presented to Negocios Now during the virtual convention of the National Association of Hispanic Publications (NAHP) where Nicado was re-elected as the organization’s Regional Director for the Midwest.

About Nicado Publishing Company

Nicado Publishing Company (NPC) was founded in 2006 focused on the Hispanic niche market. In the summer of NPC launched Negocios Now, a national award-winning publication is the Midwest’s most dynamic news source for growing Hispanic businesses, focusing primarily on business owners, entrepreneurs and economic development in the Latino community.

Negocios Now and his Publisher have received more than 20 awards from the National Association of Hispanic Publications (NAHP). In May 2012, The Chicago Headline Club, a leading association of local professional journalists, awarded Negocios Now the Peter Lisagor Award for General Excellence, a first for a Hispanic newspaper in Chicago.

Publisher Clemente Nicado, former International Correspondent and one of the founders of the Tribune Spanish newspaper, HOY,  is the author of “Así lo hicieron”, a 2012 book featuring profiles of outstanding Hispanic businesspeople in the Chicago area. In 2014 NPC launched the first Who’s Who in Hispanic Chicago special edition and Gala event with resounding support from community members and Chicago leaders and last year the first “Latinos 40 Under 40” in the Chicago area. Nicado is currently one of the board members of the NAHP and one of the most awarded Latino journalists in the country with 25 national awards. In 2018 Clemente Nicado was named Latino Publisher of the Year by the NAHP. He was selected Board of Directors of Allies for Community Business, in  June of 2021.

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