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La gala ‘quinceañera’ de Negocios Now

Gala ‘quinceañera’

Si hay una palabra que resuma nuestro sentir por la celebración del 15 aniversario de Negocios Now, esa es agradecimiento. Primero que todo, por el apoyo que durante tres lustros nos ha brindado una creciente comunidad latina que aprecia el esfuerzo por reconocer a nuestros líderes de diferentes generaciones y nuestra pasión por la calidad … Read more

Wintrust to be presenting sponsor of Negocios Now 15th anniversary gala

Wintrust Community Bank will be the presenting sponsor for the Who’s Who Gala, celebrating the 15th anniversary of Negocios Now. The gala will take place at the Palmer House Hilton on July 15. Founded in 1991 as an alternative to big banks, Wintrust has been a major supporter of Negocios Now and other small businesses … Read more

Canela Media’s founder Isabel Rafferty to be keynote speaker at Negocios Now Gala

Negocios Now Isabel Rafferty Zavala, founder and CEO of the leading digital media tech company Canela Media and winner of the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2022 New York Award, will be the keynote speaker at the Negocios Now Gala this Friday, July 15. “We couldn’t be happier to welcome Isabel, a young entrepreneur with … Read more

The metamorphosis of Negocios Now

The metamorphosis of Negocios Now

As Negocios Now approaches its 15th anniversary, I consider how much the publication has changed since it was launched in the summer of 2007 with the idea of creating a media outlet of journalistic excellence for Chicago’s Latino business community. Although the passion for good journalism remains intact, over time Negocios Now has faced the … Read more

Editorial: Do not expect a “Milagro”

I like to say that business should be linked to nonprofits like a mother’s umbilical cord to her children. It is these organizations that are the first line in the fight against violence of all kinds and the scourge of drug addiction. They shelter the homeless, care for the elderly and low-income children, protect immigrants, … Read more

Nicado Publishing launches its campaign for the 15th Anniversary of Negocios Now

HINA Wire – Nicado Publishing Company is launching a campaign to celebrate next year the 15th Anniversary of Negocios Now, its national award-winning publication and a unique resource to reach the Hispanic business community.  Founded in 2007, Negocios Now is a B2B Hispanic publication based in Chicago with digital national distribution. The publication primarily focuses … Read more

Nicado Publishing launches “500 Hispanic Small Businesses”  campaign

 Nicado Publishing launched a campaign called 500 Hispanic Small Businesses as an initiative to help promote businesses.   The campaign offers the opportunity to corporations and pro-business organizations to join NPC by sponsoring businesses in the community that currently need this help.    Based in Chicago, Nicado Publishing is the owner of Negocios Now and El Chicago … Read more

Los 15  McDonald’s de Carmen Solano 

Por Clemente Nicado,  Publisher y Editor Jefe | Negocios Now    Es la historia de una mujer que llegó a Chicago de su natal República Dominicana con una sola maleta y un sueño inmenso de ser artista, y hoy es la empresaria dueña de 15 restaurantes McDonald ‘s.    Cuando en 1980 puso un pie en … Read more

About Nicado Publishing Company

Nicado Publishing Company (NPC) was founded in 2006 focused on the Hispanic niche market. In the summer of NPC launched Negocios Now, a national award-winning publication is the Midwest’s most dynamic news source for growing Hispanic businesses, focusing primarily on business owners, entrepreneurs and economic development in the Latino community. Negocios Now and his Publisher … Read more