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?Cano Container partners with global giant, International Paper


The partnership with the world leader in the paper industry forms part of a growth strategy for this businessman.

Cano Container Corporation, headquartered in Aurora, which produces cardboard boxes recently reached a partnership agreement with International Paper (IP), the worlds’ giant in the production of paper and packaging.
In an exclusive interview with Negocios Now, Juventino Cano said that the decision to “work with IP is a great strategy that will position Cano Container for national level growth.”
The company produces sales of 18MMD with two plants, one in Aurora, IL and another in California, and is one of the 500 most important Latino-owned companies in the United States. The agreement reached with IP concerns only the Aurora plant.
 The founder of Cano Container affirmed that the new partnership will allow for better service to clients.
 According to Cano, “The fact of having a big brother will also allow us to win new clients, because we will be capable of producing nationally. In addition, there are advantages in regards to financial risk and the cost to our company, given that they will absorb the total cost.”
“I have more to win than does IP, we will be trying to strengthen this relationship to the maximum in the years to come. Personally, our objective is to grow with IP. They are big, they’re in China, South America, they have companies all over the world. My opportunity will be national.”
Created in 1898 in Memphis, Tennessee, International Paper is today a global leader in the production of paper and industrial packaging. IP also has concrete objective with Cano Container.
Cano’s story is a true-life portrait of the American dream. He was born in Estapilla, an impoverished ranch in Colima, Mexico, with no electricity, school, running water or roads; where he used to get up at 3 or 4 in the morning to milk cows. Today, Juventino Cano is the owner of a company with more than $18 million in sales.