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Cano Container named Negocios Now’s Business of the Year

  Juventino Cano, CEO of Cano Container, will receive the Business of the Year Award during Negocios Now’s Who’s Who Gala June 12 at the Chicago Cultural Center.
   Cano grow up on a ranch in Estapilla, Colima, Mexico, a town without electricity, water, school or roads. He immigrated to the United States at 17 years old and now owns two packaging companies that produce millions in sales. Cano embodies the real American Dream.
   Negocios Now publisher Clemente Nicado traveled to Colima with Juventino to produce a video segment that will be broadcast during the gala.
   “It was amazing to be in Estapilla and share with Juventino’s family, friends and former neighbors, and feel Juventino’s emotions at coming back to his roots,” Nicado said. “It was unforgettable.”
   At the Who’s Who Gala, Negocios Now will give four additional awards: Community Champion, Latinas in Business and El Amigo de Negocios Now. The Community Champion award will go to a nonprofit organization and El Amigo de Negocios Now will recognize a member of the community that has helped the publication be a success.
   This is the second year Negocios Now has celebrated Chicago’s Hispanic leadership with a Who’s Who in Hispanic Chicago Gala, recognizing prominent Latinos across business, nonprofit, media, culture and education, health, government and corporate categories.
   Community members submitted more than 200 nominations based on specific criteria for each category.
  “The Hispanic community in Chicago works very hard and deserves to be recognized,” said Nicado. “Since its founding in 2007, Negocios Now has profiled many of its members, and now we want to celebrate them by publishing a special edition of Who’s Who while hosting an annual gala event.”