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When we think about Business Networking we all imagine it is has to do with computers.The reality is that it is more complex than that. There are many ways to do marketing today, but with so many, we have to look for the best. In a world where everything is connected through the Internet, we also need to connect in person. That’s what it’s all about. We offer the best Business Networking service. We help you build a network of contacts that will help you generate both business and employment opportunities.

Connect With Others

Connecting is something essential when it comes to making your business grow. Negocios Now has a variety of events that helps the Hispanic community and others connect amongst themselves. By doing these events year by year we have seen exponential growth in the community and those involved. If you want to meet people who have made an impact on the Latino Community, here we have the events that will help you establish a connection.

The Right Event For You

40 Under 40

In Negocios Now every year we nominate people for these awards. The 40 Under 40 event recognizes 40 Chicagoans leaders under 40 years old that make outstanding contributions to the Latino community. Without a doubt a great place to meet people with amazing ideas in the business, political, sports, and education fields.

Who Is Who

Similar to 40 Under 40, this event celebrates 50 of the most influential people in the Chicago area. We focus on their leadership skills and contributions. This category is a bit more open and a great way to meet all sorts of people involved in businesses or other areas.

Los 26 De La 26

If you are looking for a more specific area, this event is held in La Villita or Little Village. Featuring outstanding businesses and leaders in this area which has a big group of the Latino Community in Chicago. If your company is around here, you should check this event.

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Are there more benefits?

Of course there are! It is not only a great way to meet more people, it is also an amazing way to learn more about the whole business picture. There might be new technologies. There might be new strategies. Without a doubt business networking will always surprise you.


Get all the prospects who might need your services


Your brand will start to be known in the market. Your products and services will be more visible.


The possibilities of getting collaborators that help to improve the services or products are increased.


Increase your chances of getting a better job, as well as increase sales.


A greater number of contacts will also help to have more knowledge.

To do networking we will first establish a business or professional objective. Then you have to find the right people through close circles. We are that ally that you have been waiting for.

Learn how Negocios Now can help you connect with others.

Contact us today to assist you with best business networking and nationwide digital reach.