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Business Networking In The US: Bringing Together The Greatest Minds Of The Latino Community

It is no surprise that the US has seen exponential growth in the Hispanic communities over the years. With hundreds of people arriving in the US, these communities have made an impact in different areas. Negocios Now is the best place to go when it comes to finding connections with the Latinos. With different events expanding all around the US and drawing the attention of people from all over the country. If Business Networking In The US is what you are looking for, you are in the right place.

Learn how Negocios Now can help you expand your business.

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The Big Three

Negocios Now offers different events on a yearly basis with the focus of recognizing the Latino community. It doesn’t matter which field it is, be it business or sports. Here we celebrate the accomplishments of everybody. These events are a great opportunity to connect with new and old companies. Expanding your ideas has never been easier. 

The go-to event in Negocios Now. With this being the most famous one it recognizes the great minds below 40 years old. All those who have made contributions to the community as leaders and entrepreneurs. Every year we have a lot of people from different states sharing their ideas for business and looking at the newest technologies.

In this event, the categories for nominees are bigger. Also, any age can participate. For a larger picture and an even bigger variety of people, this one is perfect. You can truly learn about other companies here, strategies and ideas people have to share.

Negocios Now is always looking to bring communities together. An example is in the City of Chicago in the neighborhood of Little Village or La Villita. With a huge amount of dedicated Hispanic people working day by day we celebrate those of this place in everything they do for the community.

Learn how Negocios Now can help your business grow.

Contact us today to assist you with best business networking and nationwide digital reach.

A great example of our impact and reach in the US has been 40 Under 40 in New York. We are always looking to expand our horizons to help people connect and for some years now we have taken our biggest and most famous event all the way to New York.

Is Business Networking In The US Worth It?

Yes! Every second of invested in it. With business networking not only are you meeting others. You are also exchanging ideas, learning about new technologies and strategies, and increasing your sales and reach. Don’t think it twice and let us help you connect with the community out there in the US.


Business is all about contact with others. You can't just expand. by yourself


By putting your name out there and learning from others you will soon realize how big the business field is.


Every year there is a chance you will meet someone new that will bring something innovative to your company.


By connecting with others you are making sure that in the future all your partners and you will benefit.


Update yourself with all the trends in the business world.