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Learn How Negocios Now Can Help You Connect With Others

Business Networking In Chicago: Connecting With The Hispanic Community In The Greatest City Of Illinois

When you start a business it is usually a bit hard to put your name out there. While publicity and some marketing strategies work and do wonders. There is also another secret to success. Business Networking. Creating connections is essential and here in Negocios Now we have the best options for you. If your goal is to do some Business Networking in Chicago, we have a variety of events that can help you. We have always been focused on bringing the Latino community together. As one we can thrive in different areas and Negocios Now provides the ways of making that possible.

Learn how Negocios Now can help you connect with others.

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Experts In Connecting The Hispanic Community In Chicago

Years ago we set ourselves a goal, to keep everybody in the Latino community connected. Chicago is without a doubt the greatest city in Illinois. In this city lies one of the biggest Hispanic communities and in Negocios Now we are always looking for ways to connect them all. Be it business, sports, education, we hold events that acknowledge and celebrate leaders of the Latino community. Also, it is a great way to make contact with others and help your business growth.

The event that celebrates young entrepreneurs. Here in Chicago in our amazing and hardworking Latino Community, there are a lot of young people making a name for themselves. With accomplishments in different areas, this event celebrates everything they do. 40 Latinos are recognized every year in their fields. From business to education, there is a place for all. If you are starting a company and you would like some fresh ideas from the youngest of the community, look no further and come to this event. You won’t regret it.

Similar to 40 Under 40, this event also celebrates and recognizes Latinos in different areas, however, this one is a bit bigger. With more nominees and of all ages, here you will find a bigger and broader scope of the companies that reside in Chicago. Our Hispanic Community is always excited to show us what they are doing year by year. You can share what you are doing as well and try to contact companies that have been in the market for a long time now. Who’s Who is a great option if you want to learn from all type of companies in the Chicago area.

Established some years ago in La Villita or Little Village, Los 26 de la 26 is an event that focuses on that area. With this place being the one with the highest concentration of the Latino community, it is a great place to start. Here the nominees are specific to this area but don’t let this fool you, there is a lot to see! A lot of people from different fields gather and exchange ideas. If you are around the area don’t think twice and join the event.

Learn how Negocios Now can help your business grow.

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What Are The Benefits Of Business Networking In Chicago?

Beyond meeting more amazing people, it is also a great way to learn more about the whole business picture. Learn about any new technology out there. Look at the trendiest business strategies. Without a doubt, business networking will never cease to amaze you.


Get all the prospects who might need your services


Your brand will start to be known in the market. Your products and services will be more visible.


The possibilities of getting collaborators that help to improve the services or products are increased.


Increase your chances of getting a better job, as well as increase sales.


A greater number of contacts will also help to have more knowledge.