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Alfred Ramirez of LifeWork Systems, an award-winning training and consulting firm


Engaged employees can be key to the success of an organization and its future growth. But do organizations have the resources and know-how to foment engagement and build up each of their members?

“Executives can’t be everywhere at all times. To have an engaged workforce takes a process that involves the entire team. Then each does the right thing even when no one else is looking,” says Alfred Ramirez, Vice President of Strategic Engagement for LifeWork Systems.

According to Ramirez, employee disengagement can cost businesses in the form of high turnover, low productivity, and poor work quality and customer service, in turn impacting a customer base. LifeWork Systems, founded in 2002, aims to provide its customers with training and consulting to improve workforce productivity. From Ramirez: “We deliver powerful, personal human development and are able to scale it across an enterprise in guided culture change projects.”

The company works to teach people how to get along, get self-motivated and complete the end goal of positively impacting everyone in a work community, including the senior leaders. “This then overflows into each one’s family life,” says Ramirez.

Before LifeWork Systems, Ramirez had already embarked on a journey of systems’ improvement. Influenced by the psychologist Alfred Adler who connected the individual’s impact to society, Ramirez implemented a personal responsibility approach in his life to make those around him adapt at reasoning, collaborating and problem-solving as team players, both when leading and following. “I became a parent I liked and respected who had children I liked and respected. I knew even in the 80s that this work could be equally helpful to our nation and world in all settings, including homes, schools and businesses.”

LifeWork Systems is a certified Minority Business Enterprise, as well as a Women’s Business Enterprise and by the end of 2023, strives to be a $35-million global entity, says Ramirez. “Our wins occur every time a leader decisively puts a stake in the ground for alignment with purpose, values and vision. It’s every success story we hear and every referral we are provided.”