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Trump Drills Deeper Into His Swamp

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By Juan Andrade Jr.–

Trump is drilling a little deeper into his swamp, in his efforts to overturn the will of the people, retain power, and drive yet another nail into democracy’s coffin. Not only does he think he’s above the law; he also thinks he’s above the Constitution.

Within days after the election, Trump deployed a slew of lawyers, unskilled in election law, into battleground states for the sole purpose of shaping a national narrative alleging widespread fraud. Strategically, this just phased one of Trump’s attempts to undermine the integrity of the election by discrediting the results. The unintended consequence of this, of course, is that he’s succeeding only in further discrediting himself (if that’s still possible).

Over two dozen lawsuits were filed, losing all but one. In that one, election officials were ordered to allow observers to stand two feet closer to the processing of ballots. Under questioning from judges, some lawyers had to walk back their claims of fraud for lack of evidence. Some lawyers started their arguments by saying, “while there was no evidence of fraud,” there were “irregularities.” In most instances, the cases were simply thrown out of court, and in some cases, the lawyers were thrown out too.

The end of this charade was the press conference Rudy Giuliani held yesterday, in which he made the wildest unsubstantiated claims of massive fraud, counting illegal ballots, and “nude” mail-in ballots. As Chris Krebs said, the press conference was the most dangerous and damaging one hour and 45 minutes for democracy to air on television in history. Krebs, the Trump-appointed Cybersecurity official responsible for protecting the election from foreign interference, has gone on record saying “this was the most secure election in American history,” for which he was promptly fired by Trump. The spectacle of watching Giuliani regurgitate every disproven falsehood, that only Trump and Fox News repeat now, was made worse by seeing Giuliani perspiring like the lying pig that he is.

Now, we’re in phase two. Trump is drilling into local election officials privately and state legislators to further undermine democracy, discredit his public repudiation and humiliation, and thwart the will of 80 million American voters who didn’t want to see another day of this autocrat, dictator wannabe, beyond January 20, 2021.
This massive outpouring of rejection included every ethnic, racial, social, economic, religious, and gender group that makes up the American fabric. There are two mandates on the table. One is for Biden to be sworn in as president on January 20 and to start putting an end to the nightmare of the last four years. The other is for Trump to be escorted out of the White House, voluntarily or involuntarily, on that very same day, and herald in a new day for democracy.

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