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A Miracle Maker


Vanessa Torres

Age: 34

Title: Communication Director/ Producer

Name of Organization: The Miracle Center



Vanessa Torres began early on at the non-profit organization that utilizes the performing arts as a catalyst for personal growth, leadership development, academic advancement and community engagement for children, youth and families in the Logan Square/Hermosa neighborhoods.

As an alumna of the The Miracle Center (TMC),Torres personally experienced the impact it can have on the lives of young people. Well before TMC though, she developed a love of the performing arts that began when her parents signed her up for dance classes at the age of 4. While the choice was made in part to give their daughter an outlet for her hyperactivity, her parents unknowingly gave her a treasure map that led her to discover her passion.

In addition to her early love for dancing, her participation in TMC programming starting at the age of 10 broadened her views and gave her opportunities to perform in music and theater. Her desire to use the arts as a tool for changing lives based on her own background inspired her to learn and apply frameworks for cross-cultural engagement through the arts.

A graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a Bachelors in Political Science, the 1st-generation Boricua brings extensive experience in the performing arts and public relations sector.

Her passion comes from TMC, which inspired and empowered her to pursue an internship at the Center for Portuguese Language and Brazilian Cultural Studies. Her experience also extends to program management and media relations through employment with leading advertising agency FCB Global, where she served as a social media strategist and community manager. She serves as a “Power House Millennial” Theater Producer, where she is responsible for the managerial functions of the production venue, helping with financial backing, and hiring personnel for the creative production team.