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A FARO for Diverse Workforces


Disruptors Launch Culturally-Relevant Integrated Financial Services Platform to Further Aid Employers with Diverse Workforces Overall Benefits

Hispanic News Agency (HINA)

Nationally recognized financial professionals Olga Camargo and Juan Carlos Avila have done it again! Last year Camargo and Avila launched a second entity, FARO Associates LLC “FARO”, a platform that helps broaden the scope of services that they currently offer organizations, beyond retirement plan advisory services to plan sponsors.

With a combined 45 years of experience, the experts at FARO Associates have excelled at delivering high-quality tailored financial services, insurance brokerage services, investment advice, and served as trusted operations consultants to businesses, nonprofits, and government across industries that include education, construction, and healthcare.

FARO’s unique platform allows employers to: 1) access a team of culturally-competent experienced financial professionals that can provide access to culturally-relevant financial services for the organization; 2) access teams of bilingual and bicultural specializing in employee benefits, and 3) better engage their organization’s ever-growing diverse workforce through inclusive benefits.

“With census population projecting the U.S. to become a minority white nation by 2045, employers have a pressing need to contract professionals with cultural competence that is critical to better engaging today’s diverse workforce. The stakes are high as American businesses will only grow by being more inclusive of their workforce through the workplace and through inclusive overall benefits,” stated Olga Camargo, Co-Founder and CEO for FARO Associates. “The truth of the matter is that we need to take better care of our diverse communities and put them on an overall prosperous pathway with meaningful overall employee benefits.”

“Throughout our professional career within the financial industry we’ve worked with existing and limited platforms to increase engagement of today’s diverse workforce but the reality is that we realized that an innovated and holistic solution was needed and with that realization FARO Associates was born,” said Juan Carlos Avila, the firm’s Co-Founder & President.

Since its launch, FARO Associates was accepted into FORBES’ Chicago Business Council. There’s been great excitement about its innovative offerings. FARO has been solicited by some of the fastest-growing businesses, corporations, government, and also helping organizations fulfill MBE-participation requirements as related to state contracts and request for proposals (RFPs). For more information please visit: FAROAssociates.Com; e-mail: info@faroassociates.com

FARO Associates LLC, an independent woman-owned business providing financial services, is certified with the State of Illinois Department of Central Management Services’ (CMS) Business Enterprise Program (BEP) as a Minority Owned Business (MBE); Nationally Certified MBE by the Chicago Minority Supplier Development Council; Registered with the U.S. government’s

System for Award Management (SAM) as an MBE and Women Owned Small Business.