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Latinos 40 Under 40 to be held at Latinicity


Latinicity, named “the flavors of Latin America to the heart of Chicago”, is the place chosen to celebrate the third edition of “Latinos 40 Under 40” that will take place on March 8. Negocios Now will present very soon the 40 Under 40  selected 40 of 2017.

Located on the third floor of Block 37, on 108 State St. in Chicago, this multi-sensory experience features 8 innovative kitchens, a Mexican restaurant, coffee, full bar, and lounge.

 Brought to you by world-renowned Chef Richard Sandoval, Latinicity provides a delicious interpretation of Latin street food.

 “We are excited about celebrating the third edition of Latinos 40 Under 40 in a place that shows the spirit of the Chicago Latino community through gastronomy, music and the Latino American environment,” said Negocios Now Publisher, Clemente Nicado, Publisher.

  “Once again, we have had tremendous candidates, many more than in previous years, and we will have another 40 leaders of youth Latino who deserve recognition for everything they do,” Nicado said.

 After a four-month selection process, Negocios Now will announce shortly  the 40 Latinos under 40 selected.

 The event, launched for the first time in 2015, seeks to recognize the leadership of the young generation of Latinos in different areas, such as business, technology, politics and others.